Mobile Computing Solutions

Mobilise My IT, specialise in Mobile Computing, we can specify, supply, stage gold builds and implement remote management tools for new or existing hardware.

Implementing the right Mobile Computing Solution into your business can improve, productivity, accuracy, user interaction and has many health and safety benefits with a fast ROI, we can help you with your device selection process or advise you on what can be done with your existing equipment to ensure that you have the right kit for your business.

We can develop a true gold build for your devices, where the repair agent would only have to deploy one configuration to all devices, and our site specific configuration can be then be deployed automatically over the air once the device attaches to the sites network, meaning you never receive the wrong sites device again, and your repair costs decrease due to significant time savings from the repair agent.

As an additional element to Wavelink Avalanche MC, Remote Control can significantly change how your Mobile Computers are managed, a support agent or designated super user, can literally remote control the device, view / change file structures and system registry to give support to the user real time from anywhere in the world.

We can breathe new life into your existing equipment with new technologies such as Voice enablement with no additional server architecture required no network overheads and most importantly no changes to your Warehouse Management System and in most cases no need to replace your Mobile Computers. Please click on Voice Solutions or Contact Us for more information.

Changes to how your Mobile Computers handle different Barcode types or how the information is displayed on the screen can all be achieved with no changes to your Warehouse Management System, the device simply needs to be running Telnet and we can change screen colors, font sizes (particularly good for pick quantities) positioning and also script through information screens that you deem unnecessary and which add additional button presses / voice commands to the user negatively affecting productivity.

Mobile Computing Solutions

From specification of and supply of new hardware, to staging gold builds and implementing remote support tools for your existing Mobile Computers, we create a Solution for your business no matter how bespoke.

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IT Hardware Solutions

We can supply, install, configure and diagnose all of your IT Hardware, including, Servers, WLAN and LAN infrastructure, Desktop Computers, Mobile Computers, Thermal Label Printers and Laser Printers.

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Signage Solutions

For all of your Signage and Labelling requirements. We can design and create almost anything and any size that your business may require from Ambient chambers to Frozen using the latest technology in printing and materials.

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Voice Solutions

Voice enabling your Warehouse, revolutionises the way that your business can perform. Voice delivers proven increases in productivity, accuracy as well as health and safety benefits. As Certified Wavelink Speakeasy developers we can provide the ultimate Voice solution for your Warehouse at minimal cost.

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